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How It Works

1) How does it work?

No downloading or installation required. Simply launch the web app and start using!

Visit or simply Google for EzyQueue.

View real-time updates on your queue status; arrive in time just before your queue number is called.

For users to join any EzyQueue registered queue in Singapore:

Step 1:

Search the name of the place on

Step 2:

Select the online queue you wish to join.

Step 3:

Join the selected online queue.

Note: You will be required to create an EzyQueue account before joining any online queue.

This is only a one time registration where you may use the same account in future to join any EzyQueue registered queue in Singapore. It is completely FREE and no expiry!

For businesses, merchants or events to provide the online queue service using EzyQueue in Singapore:

Step 1:

Register for a business account on

Step 2:

Create as many different online queues as you wish depending on your needs.

Step 3:

Manage the online queues directly on and start serving your happy users!

Note: You may manage the queue from just any device with an internet connection. From your PC, laptop, tablet or even on your smartphone! However as this is a web based application, we highly recommend using PC/laptop for sound notification alert. EzyQueue has specially design a FREE poster to be used in your premises. This is to create awareness to your users that they may choose to queue online the next time they visit you. Feel free to print it out, write the name of your place searchable on and paste it around your premises. Kindly note that this is an added value service you are offering to your users; as such you may also choose to inform your users on this service via your company website, social media or any other communication means.

2) How can we use EzyQueue for our business or event?

As we are heading towards a smart nation and with more than 90% smart phone users, more people would be inclined towards an online queue to replace the traditional physical queue. This online queue is an independent and separate queue from the existing physical queue the business, merchant or event may already have. In other words, business will be managing 2 different queues and may choose to serve users from each queue in an alternate fashion (highly recommended approach). In a matter of time, majority of users would end up using the online queue for the convenient experience.

The queue management approach is solely up to individual business due to each unique way of operations. However, there are basically 2 common ways you may use EzyQueue on your premises:

a) Transform your queue to 100% digital:

This would mean eliminating your physical queue entirely. Users can join your queue only through the online queue.

b) Dual Queue:

You may manage the 2 queues independently. Physical queue still remain status quo while you also attend to users who joins the queue via online. Merging of these 2 queues into 1 queue is highly NOT recommended. You may wish to serve the online & physical queue separately, in an alternate fashion. In a matter of time, more and more of your users may end up using the online queue for the convenient experience. You can take the online queue as an express or VIP queue.

Note: User may join the online queue only from However for some reasons if you require, the system also allows you to add in users manually into the online queue. The web based online queue application is completely FREE! So feel free to register an account, give it a try with your staffs and if you like it, use it LIVE with your actual users! 100% risk free! We are always here to help and please contact us if you require any assistance. Our contact information can be found under the About EzyQueue page.

3) What is the difference between the native mobile app and mobile web app?

The native mobile app which users download from AppStore or Google Play are more suitable for high intense graphic app like games or app which require the use of the mobile hardware like camera or the GPS function. The downside to this is users will have to first download and install the app before using. Most users already have up to hundreds of apps installed on their mobile phone however only less than 10% are used daily. As such, we do not plan to burden users with more app downloads unnecessarily.

EzyQueue is simply a queuing application which does not involve high intense graphic nor does it need to use any mobile hardware function. Thus, we are taking the advantage of mobile web app where users need not have to download or install any applications, but yet being able to use the app on the fly. The mobile web app is also a cross platform application meaning users or business could use the app from just any devices or browsers.

4) What are the benefits of using EzyQueue?

a) Allow users to queue and wait conveniently from just anywhere

b) Users or businesses need not download or install any app

c) Monitoring of online queue in real time

d) Less waiting time for user

e) Better user experience and satisfaction

f) More customer acquisition, retention and loyalty

g) Reduce dropout rates

5) How safe and secure is EzyQueue?

Every user account is verified

Every user who uses the EzyQueue must create an account EzyQueue. The account only captures their name and mobile number and users will have to verify the mobile number via SMS OTP before the account is activated. As such, business can have no worries about getting their queues spammed as those who abuse the system can be traced from their mobile number and reported to the authority.


Aside from just account verification, each user is allowed to join only one queue at any single point of time as logically the user cannot be present in 2 places at one time. The system will not allow the user to join the queue if the user is currently active in another queue.

Controlling of online queue

After registration and creating of queues, business or event owners can choose to activate or de-activate their queues at anytime. Users can join the queue only when the queue is on active status.

Data Security & Privacy Protection

Users can join any online queue registered with EzyQueue only with their EzyQueue account. As such, business do not have to be concern with their users information as the data belongs to and are being stored only with EzyQueue. When user joins the queue of a particular business or event, the name and mobile number of the user will be disclosed only to that business or event through the queue management system console screen. In addition, the terms and condition on has clearly stated that the data is to be used only for the queue management purposes. The business, merchants or event owners must not use the data for marketing or any other purpose. The terms and conditions must be accepted during account registration. EzyQueue has also undertaken the same for both user and business data as written on the PDPA policy.

6) Do you have any case scenario on EzyQueue usage?

We have listed some case scenarios below which may be applicable to your operations.

a) Customer service with multiple counters:

Business may choose to dedicate a single counter to handle only the online queue users. As the awareness grew, more and more users may choose to queue online next time.

b) Private Clinics with long queues during peak period:

This is only for patients who already have records with the clinic. Before patient leaving the clinic (ie after making payment), the clinic staff may choose to inform the patient on this online queue service. This is in addition to the EzyQueue poster. The next time the same patient joins the online queue, the clinic may be able to pull out his record before the patient even arrive for his turn. This is because when the patient joins the online queue, the first & last name of the patient, including the mobile number will be displayed on the virtual queue management system screen. As soon as the patient turn is due, he can just walk in to medical room. More patients will be inclined to use such services due to the convenience especially when they are not feeling well. In turn, patient may revisit only the same clinic next time as others may not be offering such similar service.

c) Restaurants and F&B outlets with long queue:

Customers no longer need to stand and wait for their turn. The application even allows owners to enable the group queue function. This means users can simply join the online queue as a group which is necessary for dining queue. The number of people in the group queue will determine the number of people dining so as to prepare for a table with sufficient seats.

d) Telco & Retails:

It is very common to have a product launch these days. Instead of queuing outside the premises for hours, customers would be able to queue online conveniently and arrive just in time when the queue number is nearing. Example of such product launches would be the new smart phones launches like Apple iPhones or Samsung mobile phones.

e) Waiting list (Entertainment outlets, Spa and Body Wellness outlets etc):

Almost everyone has encountered the situation where the customer needs to be on the waiting list on entertainment outlets such as Pool and Billiard halls or even massage parlours. Replacing the waiting list with online queue greatly improves the convenience.

f) Barbers / Salons:

Generally, the waiting time in barbers or saloons can be anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes. With the online queue, customers can shop around or do any other activities within the vicinity while waiting for their turn.

g) Companies walk-in interviews:

Some companies conduct walk-in interviews for job seekers. At times, the number of job seekers attending such interview can be quite huge thus overcrowding the company premises. To resolve this, company may choose to use the online queue service by informing job seekers in advance on their website or job advertisement to join the online queue during certain stipulated time. With this, job seekers may choose to wait elsewhere until their turn is nearing.

h) Government Meet-The-People Sessions (MPS):

Singaporeans and PRs islandwide visit the MPs during the weekly MPS session whenever they require MP assistance. During those sessions, the waiting time can easily stretched up to 2 hours. EzyQueue can be the solution to ease the problem. For those elderly who are not internet savvy, the staff in charge may manually add their name to the online queue. Those added manually will also be called manually when their turn is due. For the rest who are internet savvy, they may choose to join the queue online from their mobile phone and wait conveniently from anywhere. This will not only reduce the crowd at the premises but also allow people to do other useful activity anywhere nearby or even resting at home while waiting for their turn.

i) Events:

For any personal or public event functions which require users to stand in queue, the organizer may choose to allow the users to queue online instead.

The online queue can also be used in schools, insurance companies, motor workshop, amusement park, banks, hospitals, concert ticketing and many more.

The list is endless and your imagination is the limit.